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A man who loves to cook and share his Paleo creations with friends and family. You will find me working, cooking Paleo at home, Crossfit'ing, or playing with my dogs. On occasion, I have time to sleep.


Welcome to Willie’s very own Paleo food blog.

I am sure that there are a few dozen, if not a hundred, sighs of relief happening at this very moment on Facebook. My friends may rejoice in my creating of a food blog and my vow to never again spam their poor news feeds with my Paleo creations…three times a day…every single day. It is tough being a proud Paleo cook and not wanting to share it with the world!

I digress.

I can now share my Paleo creations with the world in an appropriate forum: a food blog. Here you will find all of my Paleo and Whole 30 recipes that I have created. In addition, I will share my thoughts on the Paleo lifestyle and personal experiences in living Paleo and eating clean.

I will update this blog regularly with new content so keep checking back.

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