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Chocolate Molé Sauce

I am cooking for some close family friends this weekend and really wanted to create a special dinner for them to enjoy. I wanted to make a warm, inviting, and rich flavored meal. I figured that everybody loves chocolate, so let’s put some spices into the mix and create our very own Mole sauce.

This recipe will provide a slight kick of heat with Ancho chilies but not too much to overpower the smokey and deep spiced chocolate flavors. With a hint of sweetness, the sauce will balance out the bold flavors marinated into beef or chicken.

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Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Airy, fluffy, smooth, and rich are all of the qualities this Paleo dark chocolate avocado mousse possess, not to mention delicately sweet. This dessert will taste like ‘cheat day’ but I assure you that it is completely Paleo!

Like any chocolate recipe requiring avocados, don’t panic, you will not taste the green! Avocado is mainly added to a chocolate recipe as a fluffy and smooth binding agent that can hold ingredients together well and without any added taste; not to mention all the while adding nutritional values!

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Autumn Apple Custard

Treat yourself to the aromas and flavors of Autumn and the beginning of the holiday season with my Paleo apple custard.

This custard recipe is simple on ingredients and easy on your kitchen time, but you would never know once you bite into it. This dessert tastes wonderful by itself, paired with your favorite hot beverage, or on the holiday dessert tray!

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Rich & Sweet Paleo Hot Chocolate

Now that the weather outside is turning cooler, its time for something hot to drink that reminds us of cold nights by the fire: hot chocolate. My recipe for a Paleo version of this old classic hot chocolate will taste rich and sweet, without the dairy and processed sugar; best of all it is very quick to make!

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