Eating Clean while Traveling

Sometimes it is tough to eat clean while traveling or in an area where shopping is not an option. Your best option is to prepare for your trip by shopping beforehand for clean food items you can take with you. Here are my personal choices that you may find helpful while you travel.

My list includes packaged almond butter, organic baby food (fruit and vegetable puree pouches), nuts, Epic meat bars, fresh organic fruit when I find it, dried fruit, and treats like coconut chips.

My clean food travel selections.

My clean food travel selections.

What do you do for food when you travel? Do you alter your diet when you travel? Prepare by buying clean food ahead of time?

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Baby food?!?!!! What a GREAT idea!!!!! I have heard of using it in recipes but never thought of obtaining it for adult travel!!!! Organic baby food is free from all those hormone blocking chemicals and it comes in some really great combinations and no utensils required!!! I will never look at baby food in the same way! Thank you Willie!!!!

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