Fried Cinnamon Sweet Plantains

Yellow plantains are so sweet tasting and an excellent source of good carbohydrates, why wouldn’t you want to include them in your meal?

This plantain recipe is quick and easy, with the plantains lightly sprinkled with cinnamon which bring out the natural sweetness of them.

There are two primary methods to cooking plantains: baking or frying. And there are two primary types of plantains: green or yellow. Both plantains have very different flavors and both methods of cooking give the food a different texture and taste. For this recipe we will be frying the plantains.


2 yellow plantains, sliced



6 tbsp of avocado or olive oil


Heat a large pan on medium with the 6 tbsp of cooking oil

Once hot, carefully lay the slices of plantains in the pan.

Allow the plantain slices to darken to a golden brown then carefully turn.

Once the plantain slices are golden brown on both sides, simply remove from the pan and transfer to a plate lined with a paper towel (to absorb the excess oil).

Lightly sprinkle salt and cinnamon across the plantain slices and serve.

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