Old Fashioned Sausage Gravy

Growing up most of my childhood in Tennessee one of my favorite meals for breakfast was homemade sausage gravy. In this recipe I recreate that flavor, but stick to Paleo ingredients. True to the original sausage gravy I had growing up, this recipe promises to be simple with ingredients but will still require lots of stirring.

Yields: Approximately 4 servings. Sausage gravy can be stored in the refrigerator and re-heats well.


0.3 – 0.5lbs of breakfast sausage (stay away from hot, maple, or other flavors) — If you can only find links, cut open the link casing and pull out the sausage meat.

3 cups of unflavored unsweetened almond milk — no chocolate or vanilla here. Coconut milk does not taste well with this recipe.

2 tbsp arrowroot flour

<optional> 1 tbsp of bacon grease or ghee (only if you cannot produce enough pan drippings from your sausage)


Black pepper


In a large heavy bottom pan cook the sausage meat on medium heat until brown throughout. Ensure that the sausage meat is not in links and is crumbled throughout the pan.

Once the sausage meat is brown, drain the meat and remove from the pan. Sit meat aside.

If your pan contains about 2 tbsp of pan drippings (i.e. sausage grease) then you will not need to add any additional fat. However, if the pan contains less than 2 tbsp of fat, you may wish to add 1 tbsp of additional fat (bacon fat works very well here).

Turn the stove down to medium-low/low heat.

Sprinkle the 2 tbsp of arrowroot flour in the pan, covering the hot grease. Begin to stir immediately and continuously with a whisk or a flat spoon.

Once the arrowroot flour has mixed thoroughly with the sausage grease, begin to slowly pour 1 cup of almond milk into the pan. Continue to stir or whisk around the pan.

Work through the entire pan, ensuring that the sides of the pan are scraped of any milk or flour, and to press out any lumps. tip: use a flat spoon to press any flour lumps that may appear.

Once the milk is smooth and heated thoroughly, add an additional 1 cup of almond milk and continue to stir.

Finally, when the second cup of milk has heated thoroughly, add the final cup of almond milk while continuing to stir.

Begin to lightly season the mixture with salt and pepper. Remember that when the sausage is added back into the pan, this will change the flavor, so be conservative with salt and pepper — You can always add more later but you cannot take any out once its in!

Allow the gravy to heat throughout as you continue to stir. The gravy should begin to take on a slightly light brown/grey tint to its color as its heated.

Once the gravy has cooked close to your desired thickness, add the crumbled cooked sausage meat into the gravy.

Mix and stir the sausage well within the gravy and heat thoroughly.

Gravy requires lots of stirring or you risk it sticking or worse burning.

Gravy requires lots of stirring or you risk it sticking or worse burning.

Taste test for flavor. Season to your tastes with additional salt and pepper as needed.

My Old Fashioned Sausage Gravy.

My Old Fashioned Sausage Gravy.

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