Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers make a great dinner for the whole family, that can be accompanied by just about any side dishes. A change in the meat seasoning can change the flavor of the entire dish; make it Latin flavored, Italian, Southwest, or another cuisine.

To make these peppers a quick dinner, make the cauliflower rice and seasoned meat beforehand or leftovers from a previous meal.

Depending on the size of your peppers you may need to add or remove some of the suggested values below for the cauliflower rice and seasoned meat.


3 medium sized green peppers (yellow, red, or orange should do fine as well)

3/4 tsp olive oil

3/4 cup of cauliflower rice

1 1/2 cup of cooked seasoned ground meat — Personal choice here on what meat to use. Ground beef works well but so does ground pork, or ground veal. I personally use a bit of all three combined with some herbs and spices.


Heat the oven at 350

Half and clean out the peppers

Pour a slight layer/coating of water into an oven safe baking dish.

Lay the peppers in an oven safe baking dish, open side up.

Brush the inside of the peppers with a light coating of olive oil.

Place peppers in oven for 30 minutes to soften slightly.

Remove peppers from oven.

Add approximately 1/4 cup of cauliflower rice to each pepper. Gently tap or press the cauliflower rice into the pepper.

Add approximately 1/2 cup of seasoned meat on top of each portion of cauliflower rice.

Tip: If your ground meat is just not willing to stay on top of your rice, add some tomato paste into your ground meat to give it some thickness and allow the meat to hold/clump together.

Carefully place the peppers back into the oven to cook for an additional 15 minutes to heat all contents thoroughly.

Remove from oven and serve.

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