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Designates the food is Whole 30 diet compliant

Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower rice is probably one of the quickest foods you can create while eating clean. It requires three whole steps in preparing: chop, heat, season, and well a forth: eat. Cauliflower rice is so easy a cave…well a Paleo cook can do it!

The cauliflower is such a versatile food that there are almost endless ways to prepare it: mash it, steam it, fry it, grill it, process it, etc. Each method will give it a different flavor and texture. But for today we will focus on turning it into a “rice”.

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Sweet Mustard Chard & Kale Hot Salad

Not all salads need to be served cold. I love experimenting with hot swiss chard and kale salads, serving them directly on the dinner plat for added color and flavors to a meal. Not to mention, cooking kale is so quick, you generally need under 2minutes to complete the cooking! Is that fast enough?

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Grilled Meatloaf

For some of us the last days of grilling are fast approaching. For others, we just keep grilling in the snow and cold because the grill flavor added to our foods is just worth it. However, if you are not one of the dedicated grilling people who shovel a path through the snow to your grill (I admit it, I’ve only ever done this four times…last year), then you may want to finish up your grilling season with some meatloaf. Wait. What? Meatloaf? On a grill?

While traditional oven meatloaf brings back great childhood memories for some of us, there is no reason you could not create new memories by adding the great flavors of the grill to your meatloaf.

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